Need To Get New Hires Productive Faster? 3 Ways Virtual Learning Increases The Effectiveness Of Your Company's Onboarding Proced

Posted on: 7 September 2017

Working within a booming industry is great for increasing profits, yet dealing with a slow or ineffective onboarding process bogs down your ability to beat last year's numbers. While new hire training has traditionally been done on-site, now is the time to start considering what new technology can do to improve your onboarding procedures. As you work to develop a plan that gets your new crew trained and doing what they do best, consider these four ways that virtual classroom learning services can increase the effectiveness of your company's training delivery.

Maintain a Consistent Message

A common issue companies encounter is the inconsistency that comes with human error when it comes to training. For instance, having multiple trainers working with your new hires means that they may hear differing perspectives regarding company procedures that leave them confused. Alternatively, your regular training may forget to give your new hires critical information that causes issues later on down the road. Using virtual classroom services eliminates the potential for inconsistent messages, and you will know exactly what is being taught to your new hires in every training session.

Increase the Flexibility of Your Training Schedule

The most effective way to train your employees is to alternate hands-on experiences with lessons regarding the best practices in your industry. Therefore, many companies find that it is beneficial to utilize virtual classroom solutions such as having shorter, more frequent training sessions that reinforce the concepts that new hires learn on the job. Providing employees with the option to complete training during their downtimes also helps them increase their productivity during the first few weeks of employment. Over time, this increases company morale, and your management team can quickly identify those new hires that are capable of making positive changes within the company.

Accommodate Multiple Learning Styles

Each new hire that you bring on board possesses a unique set of skills that adds something to the team. While this is important for strengthening the company, it also means having to address multiple learning styles in your training. With virtual classroom learning, there is an array of tools that are used to get lessons across such as online chats, videos, charts and traditional texts that help everyone find a way to master the material.

This year, don't watch as your brightest new hires waste their time sitting in the training room. Instead, give them the nudge they need to move forward by setting up a virtual classroom that delivers the same training in a more effective way. This way, your onboarding process will smoothly transition your new hires into an environment where they can be productive from even the very first day.


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