What To Expect When Going Through Flight School

Posted on: 10 September 2017

There may be no better feeling in the world than flying. It is pretty incredible the engineering and the science that has gone into flying, and what is even more amazing is that almost anyone can get a pilots license. There is a few different things that you have to do to get your license, but going to flight training or aviation school is one of the only ways to obtain your pilots license. The flight school can be intensive, but it can be a lot of fun to go through the class as well. Every flight school is a little bit different, but here ere are a few things that you can expect when you go through flight school.

The Classroom

In most schools you may start the first day in a plane with your instructor just to get you excited. The instructor will likely give you some air time just to give you some excitement about the class. Once you get out of the air you will be able to talk to your instructor, but then you will be in a classroom for the next little bit. This is where you will get used to the terminology and the different parts of the airplane. You will also learn a lot of the different physics that keep the planes in the air. Make sure that you are paying very close attention during all of the classroom time. Yes, it is more fun to be in the air, but it is important that you take very good notes and try to understand everything that you possibly can. Once you are in the air you will be putting the things that you learn in the classroom to use in the air. Take notes and study your heart out.

In The Air

When you first start out in the air you will be a passenger with the instructor. The instructor will slowly teach you how to fly and then you will be able to take the controls. Every school is a little bit different but you will likely get significant air time with your instructor. During the precious time you have with your instructor it is very important that you learn all that you can. Try your very best to be a complete sponge. At the very end of your time in the class you will start to have complete control over the plane. One of the most important things to remember is to enjoy the entire process.  

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