Creative And Fun Activities For Children In Preschool

Posted on: 15 September 2017

If you're a preschool teacher, you may be interested in finding some fun ways to keep the little ones entertained and on their best behavior. There are different types of activities you can offer to the children that would allow them to have fun while they learn.

Come Up With Creative Sensory Activities

Sensory activities are ideal because the children must use their senses while they explore. These activities give children the best opportunity to express themselves and use their imagination through play. You can create a number of sensory stations throughout the classroom, all of which would be beneficial for the children involved.

You could fill up a plastic container with coffee beans and then place a handful of toys inside the container with the coffee beans. Place some plastic spoons and tongs directly next to the container. Children can use their hands to touch the coffee beans, moving them around to get to the toys that are placed underneath those coffee beans. They can try to use the tongs or a spoon to scoop out some of the beans and different toys. It's a simple yet effective sensory activity.

You can make fun paintbrushes for the kids using clothespins and different types of small objects, such as pieces of sponge, leaves, and even pipe cleaners. Clip one small object to one of the clothespins and repeat the process with all the different objects you've collected. Allow children to use these homemade brushes to paint beautiful pictures to hang on the walls of the room or to take home to their parents.

Offer Busy Bags to the Children

Some children will complete their assignments faster than others. Instead of rushing those that are falling behind, be prepared to keep those who finish earlier a bit busy by providing them with the option of selecting a busy bag to play with while they wait around.

There are many things you can put inside of the busy bags. One bag could contain a few pipe cleaners with several large wooden beads. Children would be able to put the beads on the pipe cleaners. Another bag could contain assorted colorful buttons and miniature colored containers. The goal would be to get the child to sort the buttons by color and then put them inside of their respective containers.

If you're teaching preschool this year, these creative activities could encourage the little ones to explore, use their imagination, and have a fun time while they learn. Assorted sensory activities and different types of busy bags could keep the children entertained while given them time to use their senses throughout the day.

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