Three Outcomes Of Giving Your Child Educational Crossword Puzzles

Posted on: 22 January 2021

When parents shop for games and activities for their children, they often try to find products that are both fun and educational. Something that is fun will keep your child's attention for a long time, and the educational component of the activity will ensure that your child is learning something. If you're shopping for something to give your child, a book of educational crossword puzzles can be a good choice. You'll find all sorts of themes that will be of interest to your child, and there's no debating that your child will learn a lot as they complete these puzzles. Here are three likely outcomes of having your child work on educational crossword puzzles.

Improved Spelling

Crossword puzzles can be a good way for a child to improve their spelling at any age. For your child to complete their crossword puzzle, they need to spell all of the words correctly — otherwise, certain words may not tie in with the words around them. Dedication to this activity will teach your child how to spell words that might seem tricky at their age. For example, if they're doing a puzzle about animals, the puzzle may help them to learn that "elephant" is spelled with a "ph," rather than an "f," as it sounds.

Improved Counting

While older children who tackle age-appropriate crossword puzzles may have few challenges with counting, younger kids can often improve their ability to count as they fill out each of the words. For example, if a child looks at the puzzle and sees that they need to insert a word that has six letters, they can think of a word that might work — and then count the letters of that word in their head to see if it does indeed have six letters. If not, the child will automatically know that the word in question won't fit.

Improved Overall Knowledge

A crossword puzzle can also be instrumental in helping your child to build their overall knowledge of certain topics. There will likely be some words that your child won't know, and they may ask you for help in providing a word. When you lend a hand, your child will likely ask you what the word means. You can then take a moment to explain it, perhaps pulling up a photo or a short video on your smartphone to illustrate your point. The end result can be that your child has knowledge of a term that they didn't previously know.

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