Tired Of Getting Left Out Of Conversations About Dragons: Here's Some Information That Will Help You Hold Your Own

Posted on: 19 September 2017

If you have a dragon-lover in your life and you're trying to get involved in their passion, you should start by knowing a little bit about how they came to be. To go back to the beginning , you'd need to go all the way back, almost to the dawn of time. In fact, Chinese mythology places great importance on dragons, considering them to be a sign of authority. To help you hold you own in a conversation about the mythology of dragons, here's some information you'll find most useful.

Chinese Mythological Dragons

When it comes to dragons and mythology, you can learn a lot from reading about the ancient Chinese beliefs. According to Chinese mythology, there were three distinct categories of dragons. Those are Kiau, Li, and Lung.

Kiau Dragons

If you're looking for a dragon that's kind, and avoids the frenzied eating patterns found in other dragons, you'll want to take a look at the Kiau dragons. Kiau dragons are even-tempered, and not prone to outbursts. They're also not meat-eaters. In fact, they prefer to eat vegetation found in nearby marshes.

Li Dragons

The Li dragons inhabit the sea, and are considered the kings of the oceans. These dragons are immortal and hold a place of nobility within the dragon world. They can be found in the deepest parts of the ocean. Ancient Chinese mythology held that the Li dragons were often chosen to transport Sea gods and goddesses.

Lung Dragons

Lung dragons can be found on the earth, especially near rivers and streams, where they govern. They're loyal protectors of the hidden treasures and wealth they're responsible for.

Greek Mythological Dragons

In addition to the stories found in ancient Chinese mythology, Greek mythology contains tales of giant dragons charged with special powers and responsibilities. According to Greek mythology, there are four different types of dragons. Those are the Chimera, the Dracones, the Cetea, and the Dracaenae.


The Chimera was a large, fire-breathing dragon that consisted of several different animal parts. The Chimera had three large heads, one dragon head, one lion head, and one goat head.


The Dracones were the deadliest of the Greek dragons. They carried deadly venom that they weren't afraid to use on unsuspecting people, and animals.


The Cetea were giant sea serpent-type dragons that often set out to devour unsuspecting maidens. In fact, it was a cetea that tried to eat Cassiopeia.


The final dragon to be found in Greek mythology was the dracaenae. This was a creature that was part sea serpent and part woman. One of the most famous dracaenae was Scythian Dracaenae. According to mythology, she gave birth to three sons for Heracles, one of the Greek gods.

Don't get left out of the conversation. The next time the dragon-lover in your life starts a conversation about dragons, use the information provided here to wow them with your expertise. You can also look for dragon books for sale online to bolster your knowledge. 


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