4 Reasons Your Child Should Attend A Full-Day Kindergarten Program

Posted on: 10 February 2023

You may be shopping for a kindergarten program if you currently have a four-year-old. Only 19 states and the District of Columbus require kindergarten enrollment, but it is highly suggested that your child attends no matter where you live. While numerous half-day programs are available, a full-day program may be best for you and your child. Here are a few reasons why.

1. A More Well-Rounded Day

A full-day program often offers more opportunities for child-centered creative activities. Because there are more hours that the teachers and students spend together, there are more developmental opportunities for social skills and academic achievements.

Full-day programs are better rounded. Most offer structured academic programs, free play, activity centers, projects, and meals. A more rounded program can help children develop a more profound love for school. The wide variety of activities offered in a full-day program can help offset any negative experiences they may have.

For example, if your child does not yet enjoy structured time, the free play built into their schedules can help them learn to develop the patience to endure structured activities.

Full-day kindergarten programs also offer many of the following advantages:

  • Higher long-term achievements
  • Higher early reading scores
  • Higher overall test scores
  • Higher self-esteem and independence
  • Greater creativity

While each child develops at their own pace, peer interactions in kindergarten programs often assist with more rapid academic development.

2. A More Relaxed Day

A full-day program is much more relaxed than a half-day program. Teachers are not trying to fit as many activities into the short period they have with your child. The day is less harried, with access to more varied experiences. 

3. Better Fit For Your Family's Schedule

If you work outside your home or have other children, a full-day kindergarten program is usually a better fit for your family's schedules. A full-day program allows you all to leave home simultaneously and return together. You do not have to worry about getting off in the middle of the day to move your child from a school program to a babysitter. 

4. Nutritious Meals

Full-day programs often offer breakfast and lunch for their students. These meals give your child two nutritious meals per day versus none or only one provided in half-day programs. Your child may even be willing to try new foods when surrounded by peers indulging in the same. This peer interaction alone could offer a wide range of new nutritional opportunities.

For more information, contact a kindergarten near you.


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