• Need To Get New Hires Productive Faster? 3 Ways Virtual Learning Increases The Effectiveness Of Your Company's Onboarding Proced

    Working within a booming industry is great for increasing profits, yet dealing with a slow or ineffective onboarding process bogs down your ability to beat last year's numbers. While new hire training has traditionally been done on-site, now is the time to start considering what new technology can do to improve your onboarding procedures. As you work to develop a plan that gets your new crew trained and doing what they do best, consider these four ways that virtual classroom learning services can increase the effectiveness of your company's training delivery.
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  • Teaching Preschoolers Independence: 3 Ways Preschool Programs Encourage Self-Help Skills

    Although you don't mind doing things for your child, you know that learning how to help themselves is important for their future. Now that your child is only a year or two away from going to kindergarten, you are starting to worry about how much they rely on you for basic things such as buttoning their pants or cleaning up their toys. Fortunately, your child's early learning teachers know exactly how to foster self-help skills in young children, and watching for these signs in your child's preschool classroom lets you know encouraging independence is a priority on every lesson plan:
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